Remotely controlling corrosion

According to cathodic protection specialist Omniflex, they have partnered with Malaysian company IEV Group to supply remotely monitored and controlled cathodic protection (CP) systems to the South East Asia region. The first product available through the partnership is PowerView CP, a system that can be installed to monitor the performance of new or existing impressed current and galvanic CP installations.

It is common for CP systems to be used to protect steel and concrete structures such as tanks, bridges, wharves and industrial pipelines from corrosion. However, asset managers have traditionally relied on physical site inspections to check the performance of equipment that can be located in dangerous or difficult-to-access locations. This is a costly and inefficient approach and businesses looking to increase their efficiency while reducing costs, are opting for remotely monitored CP systems instead.

David Celine, MD of Omniflex, noted that with the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), the benefits of remotely monitoring cathodic protection systems are becoming more compelling than ever, and with data accessibility and transparency becoming more important than ever, remote monitoring platforms offer a single, easy-to-access, repository for all live and historical CP data.

According to Christopher Do, CEO of IEV, there are a lot of ageing assets in South East Asia, so the importance of corrosion control technology has soared in recent years, so remote monitoring represents the most convenient and cost-effective.

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