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Welcome to this edition of your magazine and I hope you’re enjoying the wonderful warm weather we’ve had so far? As usual there is plenty of activity within ICorr which you can read about in this edition and which I hope you enjoy.
As I noted in the last issue our long serving and dedicated office Manager, Denise Aldous, retired at the end of June but thankfully she is remaining to help us with our financial administration on a temporary basis. The office is now in the very capable hands of Becky, the office supervisor, and Trish. They are both working flat out and learning all the things that Denise did for us – so please be patient with us as we adjust to this change.
In May we hosted a meeting with the Institute for Apprenticeships at Corrosion House to re-energise the Coating Applicator Apprentice Programme which had stalled during Corvid. There were twenty attendees representing employers, training providers and ICorr. The meeting was very successful, and a forward looking programme was developed which everyone was excited about. Many thanks to David Mobbs, Kevin Harold and David Horrocks for organising the meeting and making it so successful.

I’d also like to thank David Mobbs again for all of his work as ICorr’s Business Development Manager which ended in its current form in June 2022. David took the role in 2018 and since then he has championed many successful programmes and we have seen our membership and revenue streams increase. Many of our courses have been updated, we have a strong social
media presence, and undertaken a highly successful re-branding exercise.

In June we had our annual ISO 9001 audit which went very well. We had four minor non-conformances which will be fixed over the coming year. I’d like to thank Jo and Kevin Harold, David Harvey and Chris Williams for all their hard work on this to ensure we retain our certification.

In the area of Cathodic Protection (CP) I have a request. We would like to build a new CP training centre and we are looking for a small plot of land to buy or a building we can rent to do this. Ideally it would be near our office in Northampton. If you are aware of any opportunities for us to do this, please let me know using the email below.
In the last few months we have sadly lost two outstanding corrosion professionals: Dr John Scully, who’s contributions to our profession is highlighted in this issue, and Prof. Anne Neville. They will be missed.

As I close, I’d like to highlight the 30th August as a date for your diary when our Aberdeen Branch are holding a one-day forum on the “Energy Transition – Corrosion and Material Challenges”. Attendance is both in-person and on-line and you can find more details on the website.

Until next time.

Bill Hedges, Institute of Corrosion President

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