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Following the popular festive quizzes of 2020 and 2021, Young ICorr continued this tradition into the holiday season of 2022. Taking advantage of the online forum, the meeting was widely attended with participants from across the world, and consisted of two parts, a talk entitled “A tour of my career and some of the most rewarding challenges” given by Stephen Tate, recently elected as the new ICorr President, and a quiz with a festive twist prepared by Young ICorr committee members, including Izabela Gajewska, Danny Burkle, Harry Wright, and the new Young ICorr chairman, James McGladdery, who also hosted the evening.

During his introductory talk, ICorr’s new President took the participants through various aspects of his career in energy, from the early days of North Sea operations, to his present experiences with both modern and mature assets, covering 42 years of practical experience in the energy sector. Stephen has worked many different roles, including Technical Author, Snr. Corrosion Engineer, Corrosion Technical Authority, and Engineering Manager. He inspired attendees with accounts of his learning opportunities over his long career, as well as its challenges. He emphasised that his present knowledge is built on a foundation of much practical experience from past events and experiences, but corrosion control has been a constant theme throughout.

Following the talk, teams were allocated to enable participants to meet other Young ICorr members, do some networking, and work together answering questions in the festive quiz, comprising multiple-choice questions as well as corrosion, materials, and electrochemistry rounds. The participants learnt what the Christmas tree in the oil and gas industry is, what corrosion mechanisms would affect Santa’s stainless-steel sleigh on the salt covered icy roads, and that “pigs” are not only to be wrapped in blankets but they are also widely used as inspection tools in the Oil and Gas industry to detect issues in pipelines, including corrosion!

In all this was a very successful event, which was well received by everyone. To become part of the Young ICorr community, or for more information
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