ICATS/CORREX New Training Centre

Magic Training LTD: A Premier Construction Training Centre in Wembley have become an ICATS approved training centre. Magic Training Ltd. was born out of the need to prepare construction professionals for the modern world of construction engineering possibilities, and has to be part of the next generation of trainers to deliver competent, accredited, and innovative workforce.

Even though they are a young company, their assessors and trainers are chartered members of CIOB and IOSH, with over 12 years’ experience in construction management and health and safety.

All their courses are accredited by the relevant authorities, including CIOB, IOSH, EAL, CITB, ProQual, and now CORREX. Because of their approach, they are becoming an industry benchmark for construction training.

Their current programmes include national vocational qualifications from levels 2 to 7, and electrical and painting courses including, Industrial Coating Applicator (ICA). They also have a variety of short courses on site management safety, site supervision safety, and IOSH working safety.

Apprentice update
Two of the ICorr time served apprentices, who also achieved distinction marks, Pat Maj and Rory Voulgaris, are now working in the Falklands, over 8,000 miles away. They are working on a project there for employers, Jack Tighes, talk about taking your skills to a different part of the world!

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