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Bijan Kermani is the founder and Managing Director of KeyTech and a visiting professor at the University of Leeds. He has been involved in the field of corrosion for over forty years across the materials, metallurgy and corrosion disciplines within the oil and gas, geothermal, carbon capture and steel industries. He has a particular focus on materials optimisation, corrosion mitigation and integrity management. He has combined these activities with roles at various universities including Cranfield, Manchester and UCL.

Bijan is a leading authority on oilfield corrosion and materials and has more than sixty publications on his field of expertise related to environmental sensitive cracking, structural integrity and degradation, materials selection, steel development and corrosion control strategy. He has presented at numerous international conferences with many keynote lectures. He has edited two prominent publications on CO2 corrosion, and established a new methodology in material design for sour service duties which is now included in ISO15156. He has recently published “Corrosion and Materials in Hydrocarbon Production; A Compendium of Operational and Engineering Aspects” and also a “Recommended Practice on Pipeline Corrosion Management”. He has conducted many materials and corrosion control projects and training courses for leading oil companies, and has managed innovative projects for multinational companies globally.

Bijan is a Fellow of Institute of Corrosion and Fellow of Institute of Materials, a NACE Fellow, and the recipient of NACE 2007 Technical Achievement Award, a Chartered Engineer. and Instructor for various NACE International courses.

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