ICAA – The New Acronym Exciting the Industrial Coatings Industry

What is the ICAA? It’s the most innovative and unique apprenticeship in the UK. One of a kind, developed for would-be industrial coatings applicators.

The Birth of Apprenticeships for Industrial Coating Applicators

Apprenticeships provide valuable training and a career pathway. Read how an apprenticeship was conceived and developed for industrial coating applicators.

A Passive Fire Protection Course is Critical: The Experts’ View

Experts have their say and explain why a passive fire protection course is critical for asset integrity and safety of employees.

Not-to-Be-Missed Corrosion Conferences Online

The Institute of Corrosion continues to support the industry with not-to-be-missed corrosion conferences from London and Aberdeen.

PFP Course for Inspectors – Finally, Training That Meets Industry Needs

Finally, a comprehensive PFP course for inspectors that meets all the standards and the needs of the oil and gas industry.

The Moon Is Rusting – Surely, NASA Needs a Corrosion Specialist

The moon is rusting. But why? What is causing the moon to rust, and does NASA need a corrosion specialist to land on the moon?

PFP Training – A Global Event

PFP training will ensure that PFP inspection standards are improved. But what training is there, how is it delivered, and who should be trained?

PFP – Critical for Health & Safety and Asset Integrity

Protecting structures using PFP, you protect the integrity of an asset therefore decrease risk to your people. That’s good health and safety.

Meet the Corrosion Specialist – This Month, Dr Jane Lomas

Dr Jane Lomas is this month’s corrosion specialist in the spotlight, as the Institute of Corrosion asks him 11 questions in 11 minutes.

Revolutionary Coating Inspection Technology

Technology is evolving how painting and coating inspection works. Learn how new apps and software are boosting effectiveness and efficiency in this field.