Corrosion Engineering Division (CED)

This year’s Paul McIntyre award is going to Steve Paterson, and he will be presented with this at the up-coming Electrochem 2019 Conference being held at Strathclyde University, Glasgow.
Steve Paterson obtained a B.Sc and Ph.D in metallurgy from Imperial College, London. His Ph.D thesis investigated the mechanical and microstructural properties of aluminium alloys during indirect extrusion. He joined Shell International, and over 34 years had an exciting journey in a variety of roles involving materials, corrosion, welding and integrity management. His experience covered the research, refining, chemical and oil & gas production sectors and he worked in the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Malaysia.
Since retiring from Shell in 2017, Steve has worked as an independent consultant and is currently a part-time lecturer at Robert Gordon University where he teaches materials & corrosion, and corrosion management. His involvement in academia includes his role as Chair of the Imperial College Materials Advisory Board, and he is an adviser to the Shell-Imperial AIMS centre which was set up to develop new insights into materials behaviour particularly surface interactions at the nano-scale. He also provides training in corrosion prediction and corrosion management for Shell, and he will soon start to deliver an industry course on Corrosion under Insulation.
He was a member of the Energy Institute Corrosion Management Committee from 2006 to 2014, including Chair, and during this time was directly involved in the development of the industry guideline publications for Corrosion Management and for External Corrosion Protection. His involvement with EEMUA (Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association) since 2003 resulted in the continuing development of the subsea materials & corrosion control guidance publication (EEMUA 194 – now at Rev.4), and the delivery of the associated training course since its inception in 2008. He co-authored the EEMUA 218 publication for quality requirements for the manufacture and supply of duplex stainless steels, and subsequently provided input to the ISO 17781 standard for testing of duplex stainless steels.
During his time at Shell he was responsible for the development of graduate materials & corrosion engineers, and from 2006 to 2017 was involved in the mentoring of over 50 young engineers. He used this experience to help the Institute of Corrosion develop its C.Eng competence matrix in 2017.
He has been a regular attendee at Eurocorr conferences where he first met and got to know Paul McIntyre. From 2013 until 2017 Steve was the Chair of Working Party 13 of EFC for Oil & Gas and was responsible for their conference programme, which he tried to ensure was a good balance between academic and more practical papers. He has written 30+ technical papers or presentations and has been a regular contributor at conferences, seminars and industry meetings, including NACE, EFC (Eurocorr), SPE, Marine Corrosion Forum and Institute of Corrosion branch events. He maintains his interest in technology development through his position on the review panel for the Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) in Aberdeen.

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