Corrosion Engineering Division (Nick Smart)

2018 Paul McIntyre Award

We look forward to receiving nominations for the 2018 Paul McIntyre award, which is presented to a senior corrosion engineer, who, as well as being a leading practitioner in his field, has advanced European collaboration and international standards development.  Please send any nominations for the Paul McIntyre award to the chair of the Corrosion Engineering Division, Nick Smart (, by 31 January 2018.  The criteria for the recipient of this award are that, they have established an international reputation in the field of corrosion engineering, they have demonstrably advanced European collaboration and international standards development in the field of corrosion engineering, they must be living and working in the European corrosion community, and a member of a corrosion-related body in the European area (e.g. NACE UK, the Institute of Materials, the Institute of Corrosion, or another European corrosion society).  They must not be a current member of the Council of the Institute of Corrosion, and be aged over 30.

The award consists of an engraved trophy, which will be presented at the annual CED working day meeting.  The recipient will be requested to present a brief overview of their activities and encouraged to prepare an article for publication in Corrosion Management. 

2018 Working day

Following on from the successful Division working day on the topic of ‘Corrosion Engineering and Concrete’, the 2018 meeting will be held at the Birchwood Park Conference Centre, Warrington, on Tuesday 24 April 2018 on the subject of ‘Atmospheric Corrosion in Industrial Applications’. Most of the presentations from the previous CED meetings, and documents produced by the working groups, are available to members through the members’ area of the Institute’s website.

Coatings guidance documents

The Coatings Working group, under David Horrocks’ chairmanship, has prepared a series of guidance documents on the following topics:

• Inspection and testing of coatings

• Organic coating application methods

• Surface Preparation methods for coating application

• Paint: a definition and generic organic coating types

• Thermal metal spray coatings

• Corrosion protection coatings for steel structures

These documents are nearing completion and will be made available free of charge through the members area of the Institute’s website over the next few months.

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