From the Editor

Welcome to another issue of Corrosion Management. The clocks have changed, Spring has finally arrived, and lockdown is being eased, so 
the outlook is now a lot better for our industry and for you, the members of ICorr.

The theme of this issue is “Testing and Inspection” and I have two very interesting articles on this topic within the Oil and Gas industry, for you. The first looks at corrosion testing in the laboratory, compared with that in the field, and how this can be improved, from Danny Burkle, a member of the winning team in a previous Young Engineer Programme. Secondly, there is an article looking at the use of Smart pigging technology for the inspection of small diameter pipes, from an established company specialising in this area. The third article looks at the often ignored subject of abrasive type, and how it can affect the outcome of surface preparation in a maintenance painting project.
I hope I am covering your interests in corrosion protection and mitigation in these pages, but am happy to receive readers’ comments, or suggestions, for other areas. Also remember you can submit technical questions for answer by our experts. I can be contacted at,

Brian Goldie, Consulting Editor

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