From the Editor

Welcome to the latest issue of the magazine. This month there are two comprehensive technical articles, Markus Büchler of the, Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection on the effectiveness of corrosion mitigation by CP, and the second part of the ship painting article 
from Safinah.

For the two new columns introduced in the previous issue, Don Harrop describes the use of Corrosion Inhibitors in oil and gas production in the “Fellows Corner”, and the questions in “Ask the Expert” are on linings for acid storage tanks and how to choose the most suitable for equipment non-intrusive corrosion/erosion monitoring. Remember to send your technical questions for answer by our industry experts.

Finally, I would just like to add my good wishes to that of Gareth, to you all in this troublesome time and remember to keep yourselves and family safe.

Brian Goldie, Consulting Editor

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