Hempel coatings protect ISG containers

Hempel has announced that in just eight years it has painted 20,000 mining containers for Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG). The milestone 20,000th coating was completed in January 2020, and during this eight-year partnership more than 1.5 million litres of paint has been used to protect the containers against the highly abrasive and corrosive materials they carry, as well as the external environment.

ISG’s patented maritime and mining containers are unique, with a patented tippler operating system that rotates and tips the container to empty out the material being carried. This means they generally only need to be loaded and unloaded once to transport copper/nickel concentrate, iron ore, minerals, and other commodities from source to ship. Previously, material was loaded and unloaded several times during transit to the final destination.

The Interior paint solutions used included, Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751 and Hempadur Conterior 47751, both self-priming, high-solid, epoxy coatings, which cure to a highly abrasion and corrosion resistant coating. Externally, the traditional three-coat system consisting of Hempatex Hi-Build 46410, a high-build acrylic topcoat was used to provide resistance to saltwater, splashes of aliphatic hydrocarbons, animal and vegetable oils, together with Hempadur Primer 1530C, an epoxy mid-coat containing zinc phosphate as corrosion inhibiting pigment, and Hempadur Zinc 1536C, a zinc-rich epoxy primer that cures to a hard wearing and highly weather-resistant coating, concluded the company.

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