Hempel launches underwater hull inspections powered by a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Global coatings manufacturer Hempel has launched an underwater Hull Inspection service using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), to provide complete hull coating inspections while a vessel is at port or anchorage. The service is being rolled out at key ports across the Asia Pacific region and will be extended to other key maritime hubs worldwide in the near future.

According to the company, inspections will be conducted by an expert Coatings Advisor operating an ROV which is navigated around the vessel’s hull using remote-controlled thrusters, with the ROV capturing high-resolution video footage and still images of the hull for assessment in real-time. Using ROVs for hull inspections simplifies the process and allows for more frequent and less costly hull inspections. As no divers are required, inspections can be conducted without the need to shut down vessel systems. This makes it possible to complete hull inspections in two hours or less even alongside cargo loading or discharge. If these inspections are combined with SHAPE, Hempel’s System for Hull and Propeller Efficiency, then they can deliver unparalleled results for better hull performance by aligning underwater visuals with existing data collection systems, concluded the company.

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