Paintel recently held an ICATS, Industrial Coating Applicator course. One of the attendees was unemployed and being funded by the Welsh government to assist in gaining employment. Another of attendees, mentioned him to his boss and asked him to attend a meeting after the fourth day of the course, and this resulted in a job offer on successfully completing and passing the ICA course. Both attendees now work for the same company. This shows how ICATS training plays such an important part in providing the future work force for our contracting industry.

It was announced recently that IMechE, in association with Hodge Clemco, were to become an ICATS Approved Training Centre. That process is moving forward even as you read this article. IMechE are currently working on their new LMS (Learning Management System) to enable teaching ICATS as well the Painting Inspector and other courses. Once the ICATS courses have been added to their LMS, the next part of the process is to get them translated into multiple languages by specialist technical translators.

On the 10th March, Kevin Harold, was the guest speaker at the “Energy Coast” evening in Cumbria, organised by Sellafield Nuclear Facility. Kevin’s presentation was called ‘Coating Contractor Tales, a journey of enlightenment’, which was the story of how when Kevin joined the industry in 1976 there was little or no PPE or guidance, up to today and the impact ICATS has had on him and the rest of the industrial painting industry. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session on ICATS, and David Mobbs was also on hand to answer questions on behalf of ICorr.

ICATS ‘Little black books’ for the ICA course are now available. The book includes course information and other additional useful pages, and replaces downloads that many people never look at again. The book fits nicely into a top pocket of a pair of overalls and gives quick reminders including standards, procedures and useful stats and facts.

Email kevin@paintel.co.uk for a black book including details of where and when your ICATS training took place. Copies of the books will also be supplied to ICATS approved training centres over the next few weeks. ICATS trainers will also be contacted to ensure they get access to the books too.

Coronavirus is affecting all of us at the moment one way or another. During this period all ICATS courses have been postponed until further notice, and Kevin is working on other ideas for remote ICATS training. If anyone has any ideas or would like assistance on any ICATS matters, please email Kevin, on 
Once significant bans have been lifted new course dates with promotional discounts, will be announced.

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