Launch of new Passive Fire Protection Course

ICorr/IMechE has entered into an agreement with PFPNet, the industry body for Hydrocarbon Fire Protection, with a member base of owners/operators, major applicators, and the engineering community, to develop a PFP training course, the contents of which will be developed by PFPNet, working with ICorr, and will be delivered by IMechE, with the first module is planned to be delivered by the end
of this year.

This first course is intended for owners’ inspectors, who are required to inspect PFP coatings, but in addition, other courses are planned, which will include module planned to be delivered for other types of PFP systems, as well as other disciplines within the PFP industry, for example, modules that will supplement professional engineering qualifications, and improve understanding about how PFP should be engineered, specified and installed.

Training will be provided by qualified individuals, and an important part of the overall programme is accreditation of the course, along with qualification of the individuals who successfully complete the training.

A PFPNet conference is planned to be held in Manchester on 5th and 6th June, and there will be a presentation about this new course from IMechE.

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