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The first technical presentation of 2021 was held on 7th January, and featured an on-line talk by Dr Jeff Rogozinski of Sherwin-Williams, who discussed an advanced FBE (fusion bonded epoxy) technology called Moisture Resistant Overcoat (MRO). Jeffrey has over 29 years of coatings experience and is a Global Product Director in Sherwin Williams Protective & Marine Coatings division. He has been with Sherwin Williams for 10 years and held previous positions in protective coatings and powder coatings, resin and additive development for coatings science with an emphasis on polymer synthesis and structure-property characterisation, as well as multiple academic positions.

More than 50 members, from around the UK and further afield (including one from South Africa) heard a very interesting talk from an expert in pipeline coatings. Jeff explained that this new concept is quickly gaining traction with end users all over the world. It combines the protective properties of a traditional, approximately 40-year old technology designed for pipelines operating at high temperatures, with an advanced abrasion resistant coating, ARO (abrasion resistant overcoat) with enhanced barrier properties coupled with flexibility characteristics typically associated with a single layer FBE system. Jeff fully described the properties of the new technology, application characteristics, and performance with emphasis on resistance to damage and more. Demonstrations of field testing these properties were also shown.

As there was a high presence of pipeline protection experts within the audience, there was a very interactive Q&A session. The chair thanked Jeff for his interesting presentation and for standing in at short notice.

It is intended to publish a detailed article on this technology in a future issue of Corrosion Management.

The presentation has been uploaded to the Institute website and can be accessed at

The March meeting will be the branch AGM and the “Presidents” talk. Full details of future branch events can be found on the diary page of the magazine, and on the Institute website.

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