Aberdeen Branch – Opening Events 2019/2020 on MIC – Microbiologically Induced Corrosion & Annual Corrosion Awareness Day

The New Aberdeen Chair, Stephen Tate

The New Aberdeen Chair Stephen Tate welcomed attendees to its Annual Corrosion Awareness Event 

The Aberdeen Branch opened its 2019-2020 session on 27/08/2019, with 2 linked events on MIC – Microbiologically Induced Corrosion.

Its well-attended Annual Corrosion Awareness Day (CAD) had a full day teaching programme on MIC Risks, Mitigations, Modelling and Bacterial Analysis, complimented by an evening visit the following week, to NCIMB Laboratories in Bucksburn and the National Collection of Industrial, Food and Marine Bacteria.

The CAD Event featured some excellent talks by ICR – Dr Carol Devine, the DTI – Danish Technological Institute – Dr Laura Tiano and Dr Lone Tang, from Shell – Mabel Ntim and from Key Sponsor ROSEN – Dr Ian Laing, Dr Daniel Sandana and Steven Loftus, (CAD Co-ordinator).

Dr Carol Devine opened the Teaching Programme with a fascinating insight into her career as a Microbiologist entitled “My Life in MIC”

Microbiologically influenced corrosion can have a major impact on operators’ CAPEX, OPEX and cause severe environmental damage.

A key aim of the CAD Workshop was therefore to improve understanding of complex MIC processes, detection of microbiological activity in Pipeline systems and management of MIC in the Pipeline Industry in particular, which has seen many Pipelines lost due to Internal Corrosion in the North Sea Sector.

Many Analytical techniques were discussed in detail, including qPCR (molecular) analysis, traditional culture based MPN (most probable number), NGS, (next-generation sequencing which has revolutionized biological sciences), Metagenomics, (the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples), along with Pipeline In-Line Inspection Tools, (deploying a wide range of NDT methods), Internal Cleaning, Chemical Treatment and MIC Modelling Tools for corrosion rate determination.

A lively discussion followed with many valuable viewpoints expressed and with great inputs from the 4 participating Microbiologists.

It was emphasized to all CAD delegates, the need for an integrated approach to microbial monitoring,  combining data from multiple techniques, together with taking a fully holistic approach to Pipeline Integrity Management.

Dr Ian Laing, Principal Corrosion Engineer of ROSEN discussed MIC Modelling / MIC Management and the vast range of specialist tools available for Cleaning and Intelligent Pigging

Machine on display

Advanced Intelligent Pigging and Cleaning Tools on Display from ROSEN – Key Event Sponsor

The NCIMB Event of 03/09/19, built on the previously weeks discussions, with a most informative Event led by Dr Daniel Swan who was previously Head of Platforms and Pipelines, (now the Genomics Pipelines Group) at the Earlham Institute in Norwich, (formerly The Genome Analysis Centre – TGAC).

NCIMB have 68 year’s experience of preserving, storing, distributing, analysing and exploiting micro-organisms and are the only privately owned, publicly viewable collection of bacteria in the UK.

A very comprehensive tour of the NCIMB Laboratories followed Daniel’s presentation and recommendations for effective Bacterial Monitoring Strategies, with everyone kitted out in protective clothing to view a wide range of practical demonstrations of Bacterial Sampling. Archiving and Determination.


Kyle Sim (Laboratory Assistant) of NCIMB explains the MPN Bacterial Sampling, Serial Dilution and Bacterial Counts to ICorr Attendees

A peek inside the NCIMB Vault – National Collection of Industrial Food and Marine Bacteria: with Samantha Law (Culture Collection Curator)

An example of collaboration between different Bacterial Data Sources and Counts that provides a more effective summary of Bacterial Contamination Status, (by Dr Daniel Swan).

The NCIMB Laboratories Team from L to R, Michelle Robertson (Analytical Services Manager), Dr Carol Phillips (CEO), Sheila Batchelor (Marketing Manager), Vikki Mitchell (Identification Services Manager), Julie Mackinnon (Senior Molecular Scientist), Maggie Bayliss (Inbound Sales Exec), Kyle Sim (Laboratory Assistant) and Dr Daniel Swan (NGS Services Manager)


This most interesting Industrial Visit to NCIMB, (the first of 2 in the 2019-2020 programme), generated very many questions, so many in fact the Event overran by nearly 90 minutes !

At the close of both Meetings, the new Aberdeen Chair, Mr Stephen Tate presented all speakers and organisers with Certificates of Appreciation from the Branch.

Looking ahead, the ICorr Aberdeen Branch will be hosting its annual joint event with TWI – The Welding Institute on 24/09/19 at RGU, which will discuss in detail Environmentally Related Cracking. This talk will cover the topic of SCC on Offshore assets with emphasis on Weldments and HISC issues.

Full details of future ICorr Aberdeen events can be found on the diary page of the magazine and on the website, or by contacting: ICorrABZ@gmail.com

Further photos of both Events may be found on the Aberdeen Branch Gallery:

CAD Event – 27/08/19


Industrial Visit – 03/09/19


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