Midland Branch

The February meeting was held at Impalloy’s new manufacturing facility in the West Midlands, with Impalloy also sponsoring the food for the event, and Prafull Sharma of CorrosionRADAR, gave a very interesting talk on the monitoring of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), Latest Developments 
and Trends.

Prafull provided with an enlightening presentation into the trends of monitoring CUI and oil and gas inspections in general. Hidden corrosion such as CUI continues to be a big challenge for the asset integrity management of industrial facilities. Industry still spends a huge amount of their maintenance budget on routinely opening up the insulation to inspect the pipes and equipment. There is a growing trend to remotely monitor corrosion in accessible locations using the wireless connectivity and battery powered devices. A new innovative sensor system for monitoring CUI has been developed by CorrosionRADAR. The sensing principle 
uses Electromagnetic Guided Radar (EMGR), which uses a permanently embedded sensor into the insulation. The data is transmitted wirelessly onto a cloud or on-premises platform and visualization is performed using a remotely accessible dashboard.

The presentation also detailed the latest developments in remote monitoring technology for Corrosion and CUI.

The company have produced a very comprehensive monitoring database utilising 3D models of the plant requiring monitoring. Discussions followed about modification of the system to cover many other aspects of 
the corrosion dictionary, which Prafull said would be possible! Watch 
this space!

Following the presentation, a branch meeting was held, with Paul Segers taking on the chair. Detailed discussions followed about future events, membership etc. The branch is looking for new committee members from outside of the CP discipline, in coatings, research, monitoring, etc. If you would like to be involved please contact Paul via via the ICorr office.

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