New ICorr MIC Training Course Available

The Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) is delighted to announce that we have developed a Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) course to meet the increasing demand from industry.

MIC is the least understood phenomenon of corrosion despite the number of high-profile failures it has caused around the world with devastating effect on the health, safety, reliability and finance of operations, company reputation and the environment.  It is estimated that 20% of all corrosion failures are primarily due to uncontrolled microbial activities in industrial systems with an estimated annual cost of UDS 2.5 billion to the oil and gas industry[1] alone.

The new, state of the art course provides expert knowledge on MIC threat assessment, identification methods, monitoring and mitigation technologies.  It uses case studies to share best practices to control the spiraling MIC cases in different sectors around the globe.

The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of MIC and is offered in three formats to meet the demands of various industries at different levels of proficiency as follows:

Proficiency level Awareness Level A one-day course that provides an overview of the phenomenon of MIC with a focus on understanding and managing MIC.  This is targeted at managers and leaders who need to understand the risk but are not MIC practitioners.  A certificate of attendance is awarded.


MIC technologist A four-day course covering theoretical and practical sessions with a focus on providing detailed knowledge on managing and conducting a MIC control program including setting sampling and monitoring strategies, data interpretation and presentation and identification of potential risks.  A certificate of attendance is awarded.


Certified MIC technologist This is the same as the MIC Technologist course which is then followed by an additional half day for taking an examination paper.


· Who should attend The course will be of considerable benefit to managers, project leaders, industrial biologists, engineers, scientists, field management and technical staff.


· Cost of the course The fee for one-day course is GBP £800 and for the four-day course is GBP £2,000.  For those wishing to take the ICorr certification exam after the four-day course there is an additional fee of GBP £500.  These fees are based on attending the course in the UK.


The Institute of Corrosion is happy to discuss your needs and to deliver the course either at ICorr premises in the United Kingdom or at your premises around the world.  The course is delivered by Dr Tony Rizk a world-renowned expert with many years of practical experience.

Currently, the course is only available in a classroom format although an on-line format will be developed in the future.

To help us plan the initial availability of this long-awaited, new course we would appreciate feedback on your interest as follows:

I am interested in:

  1. The one-day course in the UK.
  2. The four-day course in the UK.
  3. The four-day course in the UK with the additional exam.
  4. Discussing the option to bring the course to a location of your choosing.
  5. Other feedback

Please send your feedback to:

Download PDF – ICorr MIC Course Information Final

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