New Sustaining Member – Equilibrant

Equilibrant Ltd is a Belfast based independent Civil and Structural engineering consultancy established in 2009, and specialising in the detailed inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and repair & protection of reinforced concrete and steel infrastructure. The Managing Director, Dr Jim Cromie, is a Chartered Engineer and has a PhD in the electrochemical de-salination of reinforced concrete, and the Technical Director, Robert Devenney, is a Chartered Engineer with a wealth of experience in the inspection, testing and repair of all types of infrastructure.

They work with Asset Managers, consultants and contractors, producing comprehensive reports with recommendations for Life Cycle Management of civil infrastructure and can accurately identify the cause, extent and significance of structural/electrochemical deterioration using specialist Non-Destructive Testing techniques, and propose remedial works strategies, considering whole life costing, to ensure clients schedule sustainable remedial interventions. They have a full range of NDT equipment in-house including half-cell potential units/linear polarisation devices/concrete resistivity meters, Proceq live ground penetrating radar unit, Schmidt hammers etc.

All types of structural infrastructure and across engineering disciplines from railway and motorway bridges, other highway infrastructure, marine structures, high rise buildings etc. have been assessed. Typically the structures are suffering from Biogenic Sulphate Corrosion, concrete carbonation + low cover to reinforcement, chloride contamination, sulphate attack, acid attack, cracking etc. They also have the in-house expertise to model chloride diffusion and rate of carbonation penetration.

They are completely materials independent and produce factual reports or interpretive reports with repair material performance specification in accordance with EN 1504.
Equilibrant Ltd also offer a Part 3 HSE Surface Supplied Commercial diver, one of, if not the only practising chartered engineer dive inspection service in Ireland.

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