New Sustaining Member – Helvetica Technical Consulting

Helvetica Technical Consulting’s vision is to safeguard the environment, the assets and the safety of people, and ensure a better and sustainable future. They deliver technical consulting to industries in terms of asset management, supply chain and quality control, from corrosion management to supplier qualification.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” and, for this reason, all their services are performed by certified, trained and qualified operators using in-house tools and covered by a liability insurance.

Coating is a technique used to prevent corrosion that creates a physical barrier to stop or slow the deterioration process. Thus, it Is very important that the entire coating process is carried out following strict parameters and rules, since corrosion affects the life cycle and fitness for purposes of equipment, tools or even structures, like bridges or high voltage pylons. It has been estimated that 75% of premature coating failure is due to poor surface preparation.

With their extensive experience, they can perform inspections during initial qualification, taking care of all the aspects involved in the process, or even perform condition monitoring of the coating on existing equipment, vessel or a structure and then make decisions for re-coating.

Their experience covers a range of topics including, pipes and fittings, coating qualification process, thermal spray ,concrete, galvanic protection, personnel qualification, and coating assessment surveys. They can carry out DFT measurements, surface cleanliness (Bresle test, CSN, amine blush), blasted surface profile (Testex replica tape, surface comparators, digital profiler), adhesion testing, pinhole and porosity measurement, and environmental monitoring and recording.

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