Social Media

ICorr is now using social media to promote the activities of the Institute to both members and non-members.

ICorr has a website that is the primary online source of information. In addition, several social media platforms which provide a fast way of disseminating information and which direct users to the website for further information have been set up. Links to the website and the social media platforms are:
ICorr Website:

LinkedIn Group page: this is a discussion group where anyone, including Institute members, can interact and join in discussions. Since anyone can post opinions on this page they may not represent official ICorr views. ICorr will remove any items deemed to be inaccurate or offensive.
LinkedIn Company page: this is where the Institute posts official news that is specific to ICorr, articles and upcoming events. Editorial access to this site is limited to a small number of approved individuals.

Young ICorr LinkedIn page: this is kept updated with content published on our website and other social medial platforms. In addition to this the Young ICorr group post events and information about seminars

Twitter page: this includes regular updates, tweets linking to our blog posts and ICorr News and Events

Facebook page: this is used to generate traffic, with links to our social media, website, ICorr News and blogs.

Instagram page: this is used to generate traffic, with links to our social media, website, ICorr News and blogs.

For assistance or queries about any of these sites and platforms, please contact:
l David Horrocks (ICorr)
l Jonathan Phillips (Square One)
For blog or technical content ideas, in the first instance please contact;
l Gareth Hinds (ICorr)
l Bill Hedges (ICorr)

ICorr has engaged a professional blog writer to produce weekly blogs for posting on social media using material provided by ICorr and its members.
All ICorr members are encouraged to interact and stimulate conversation on our social media platforms, which helps ICorr achieve its aims, including supporting its members and raising awareness of the work of the Institute and its members.

Key areas to focus on when engaging with our social media are:
Benefits of membership of ICorr
Training opportunities
Our vision and core values
Our professional support mechanisms
Our expertise in science, engineering & technology

Remember that when you engage on social media (through ICorr platforms) you are representing the Institute of Corrosion. It is important that posts are polite, respectful and in keeping with the Institute’s status as a trusted and respect professional society. Members are encouraged to read our Social Media Code of Conduct, which can be found in the Members Area of 
the website.

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