Young ICorr

Simon Bowcock has been appointed the as the new Young ICorr council member. He will take over from Christian Bridge who made a significant contribution in re-establishing Young Icorr, leading initiatives to increase student membership and organising young professional networking events. This included a very successful event in collaboration with The Welding Institute and the London Materials Society attended by over 50 young engineers. The Institute would like to thank Christian for all his efforts during his tenure and wish him well in his future endeavours.

We are looking to proactively engage students from university and looking for volunteers to deliver a 15-minute presentation to materials and corrosion departments around the country. This approach has proven very successful at the University of Oxford with a recent presentation by Chris Bridge and Simon encouraging over 32 students to sign up. In addition, London Branch took part in the recent Imperial College Materials Society career fair with Mash Biagioli manning the ICorr stand. There was a good turnout of students, and 50 of them took away Institute membership packs, however it is too early to determine how successful this was.

If you are interested in volunteering at a university event, then please contact,

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