The 2018 ICorr AGM was once again hosted by the Midlands branch of the Institute and held in the magnificent Birmingham Town Hall.

A festive mood was added by the presence of the continental street market outside, and the attendees enjoyed lunch and networking time before the excellent technical programme organised by Midland branch and the presentation of the U.R. Evans sword to Professor Anne Neville, Leeds University, by the new President.

The AGM itself was a well attended event at a time of many changes for the Institute. A new President was elected; the Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary continued in their posts, as did many of the existing Council members, all of whom will work to guide the Institute through the move into the building that we have purchased, and the many opportunities that this will allow for us to grow in 2019 and beyond.

A number of interesting and relevant questions were also raised regarding the future plans for the Institute, which were outlined to the attendeees. The current fortunate financial situation regarding surplus cash was also queried and it was explained that as ICorr is a charity, the Charities Commission encourages the retention of 2-3 years running costs as cash. This provision had been made by the Honorary Treasurer.

On behalf of the Institute, I wish you a Happy New Year and a successful 2019.
Dr Jane Lomas, Honorary Secretary