The President Writes

I am writing this to you from Tel Aviv where I have the pleasure of attending the 13th Biannual Conference of the Israeli Corrosion Forum. This is the last opportunity that I will have to write to you as President, as at the AGM on the 29th November in Birmingham, Gareth Hinds will be elected as the new President. It has been a real honour for me to serve in this position. I have a new found respect for the Presidents that have gone before me, and for Gareth taking on the role. On that note I would like to thank John Fletcher who steps down as a Trustee after 6 years of service to the Institute.
Our new President Dr Gareth Hinds is based at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in Teddington, Middlesex, where he leads a group with research interests in corrosion and electrochemistry. Gareth has participated in the activities of the Corrosion Science Division since 2003, and is a long-standing member of Council. He is also a Trustee and a member of the Correx board so he has a good understanding of the way the Institute works.

The Presidency is certainly a position that keeps you busy, and often in ways you would not expect! We have record membership numbers, a new initiative to benefit members and a new home in 5 Saxon Court, Northampton. The 8th of November was the presentation of another round of Young Engineers Case Studies. All of these activities are possible due to the dedication of our volunteers, and I hope that you will continue to support both Gareth and the Institute as a whole.
Over the past 2 years I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of the members and attending branch meetings, we really do have a great membership and a strong community. All that is left to me is to say thank to you all for this experience and to wish Gareth all the success, I know he will do a fantastic job, and I am excited to see where he take us.

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