Training Courses

The Institute offers training courses in two formats, residential with its partner IMechE and online with its partner Corrodere.   In addition, The Corrosion Protection Association (CPA)  offers the full range of ICORR Cathodic Protection of Steel in Concrete Courses in accordance with BS EN 15257 (Levels 1-3).

Courses include, Painting Inspector (Levels 1, 2 and 3), various Cathodic Protection Technician levels, Pipeline Coatings Inspector, Insulation Inspector and Fire Proofing Inspector and the new Fundamentals of Corrosion Course for Engineers.

No one can expect to become an expert in all the possible fields of corrosion control, even those of with a lifetime of experience in corrosion have tended to focus in two or three main areas.  A course was therefore needed to present the basic principles that could underpin most common corrosion situations and show how the knowledge gained could be used in real life situations across a range of industries.  By passing a closed book exam, the candidates could demonstrate that they had learned that fundamentals and would be able to express a professional opinion at times when there was no internet signal for back up information.

The first new ICorr Fundamentals of Corrosion (FOC) course for Engineers was run in October 2017 in Manchester and the participants were presented with an intensive four days of modules including basic corrosion reactions, types of corrosion processes, different metals, concrete, water treatment, surface preparation, paint, testing, etc, etc.   The course was presented by Dr Jane Lomas, a corrosion engineer with 30 years’ experience of marine and industrial corrosion and coating problems, who also wrote the course, and which was co-presented by Dr Les Callow, a metallurgist
and corrosion engineer with over 40 years’ experience of corrosion.

Feedback received a few weeks later from the course participants tended to be “I see rust everywhere now” and “Now I can explain why our building is corroding”. It seems that there are definitely more “rust geeks” in the world now.

International Training Courses are also held through the year in various regions such as the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

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