Corrosion Courses Opening Again

Is it time to boost your career with training and development (T&D) in corrosion?

It’s been a tough period for training and development in the corrosion prevention industry. Because of the coronavirus lockdown, it was necessary to move a lot of corrosion T&D initiatives online. Here at ICorr, we adjusted our training and development initiatives as fast as we could, to ensure that as few people as possible were negatively affected as possible.

In a recent blog, we described some of these initiatives, including:

We can now give you more great news. Another of our approved training partners, IMechE Argyll Ruane, is now open for business and once more delivering Institute of Corrosion courses designed to address corrosion issues facing various industries.

Back in the classroom – with a difference

On 21st May, 2020, IMechE Argyll Ruane was able to announce that it is fully back up and running, and that those wishing to book onto its Institute of Corrosion courses can do so now.

These on-site courses, held at their exceptional facility at the Sheffield Business Park, will now benefit from a range of measures to ensure your health and safety as we move to a new normal economy. Training processes have been adapted, and there will be PPE in place to aid student and staff safety as well as social distancing methods. It’s on-site delivery of training with a COVID-19 twist.

Though there will be many visible differences to how training is delivered, which may include distance learning for some course material where possible and appropriate, one thing has not altered – you’ll still benefit from trainers with years of experience in the field and in delivering exciting training experiences. You can be certain that the training you receive will be accompanied by real-world examples.

The benefits of being ‘in the classroom’

While the benefits of online training have become apparent to many, there are many benefits only available through on-site training. These include:

  • The human touch – a quality that is, thus far, impossible to replicate online. The interaction that is possible between students and staff in the classroom helps all to learn. You’ll learn from questions asked by others, and the experience of all participating in the training course.
  • A classroom setting – this also helps you to hone soft skills (such as interpersonal skills) and develop your professional network more effectively.
  • Health and safety measures in place – you’ll be learning in a safe, clean environment away from the pressures of work or the interruptions at home.

A wide range of training and development in corrosion prevention

All the ICorr training and development opportunities lead you toward industry standards with internationally accredited and recognised courses and certification that help to accelerate careers in your industrial setting.

Aspects of corrosion prevention that are covered by these courses include:

Re-certifications are available online for:

  • Painting Inspector Level 1
  • Painting Inspector Level 2
  • Insulation Inspector
  • Passive Fire Protection Inspector
  • Pipeline Coatings Inspector Level 2
  • Hot Dip Galvanising Inspector

Is it time to give your career a boost through T&D?

Training is critical for your career. It helps improve your skills and abilities, and makes you more attractive to current and potential employers. Developing your value in your professional capacity is a choice that helps you in all economic conditions.

Your training and development also benefit your current employer. You’ll perform your job more effectively, improve productivity, and be more satisfied in your role (and less likely to look for another job elsewhere). Happy employees are great advertisements for any business, and make it easier to attract talented new hires.

The answer to the question “Is it time to give your career a boost through T&D?” is always yes – whether through online or on-site methods.

For more information about all ICorr courses and to discuss which is most appropriate for you, contact or search for your corrosion training course at IMechE Argyll Ruane.

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