Corrosion to Covid-19: one start-up company’s effort to support UK front line workers

Hexigone Inhibitors, a Sustaining Member Company, who usually manufacture chromate-free corrosion inhibitors, are now using their large mixing vessels to produce hand sanitiser to help protect staff on the front line. The sanitiser, which meets the standard set by the World Health Organisation, is already in use in local organisations.

The UK Government’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, linked-up Hexigone with pharmaceutical giant, Glaxosmithkline, who subsequently donated 8,000 litres of isopropanol to ramp-up production.

For the sanitiser to be effective, it must contain at least 60% alcohol. The batches made by Hexigone are 75% – precisely made to the WHO recommended formulation – ensuring that the coronavirus and other microbial pathogens are killed. Other ingredients include water to dilute, glycerol to moisturise, hydrogen peroxide to kill any fungal spores, and finally, lemongrass essential oil to scent
the sanitiser.

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