It has been tough time for everyone for a while now but hopefully by the time you read this, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once guidance on easing the lockdown is clearer, Corrosion House will re-open, as will many other businesses. When this happens, an announcement regarding courses at Northampton will be placed on the CORREX website and emails sent to trainers and clients.

It is acknowledged that there is a backlog of replacement cards, and other information people are waiting for, but please be patient with Denise and her team at Head Office, as it may take some time to catch up.

We will be continuing to develop ICATS in the UK and overseas in the ensuing months and Kevin will be visiting clients when he can.

A reminder that there is a supply of ICATS, ICA black books, and Trainers should email Kevin (kevin@paintel.co.uk) if they require copies of the book.

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