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Hexigone manufacture corrosion inhibitors that are safe, smart and up to ten times more effective than other alternatives. Their vision is to create a more sustainable world through ‘chemically intelligent’ coatings developed in collaboration with industrial partners.

Their technology, Intelli-ion, protects in a completely unique, ‘smart’ way via three modes of electrochemical protection. The active ingredient sits dormant in a micro-reservoir and is triggered ‘on demand’ when corrosion ions are sensed at the coating surface. These are then sequestered into the coating, preventing cathodic disbondment and filiform corrosion. Due to the micro-reservoir system, Intelli-ion is able to offer corrosion protection using chemicals that were previously incompatible with coatings – significantly increasing the lifetime of the end product.

As a new company to the coatings industry, they have already made global connections with over 50 partners formulating with their product, which has three variations (AX1, AX2, AS1) that are suitable for drop-in replacement within primers and solvent borne systems for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. High performance has been seen across the O&G, ACE, marine, aerospace, automotive refinishing and architectural industries.

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