The President Writes

Even though the weather seems to want to slow us down in the UK, the Institute continues to move forward at a pace.  The last council meeting which was held at the end of February in Northampton, was very lively indeed, and shows the passion that is held by council members for the Institute.  Further development plans are in motion and I hope that members are starting to see increased activity.    New dates are planned for the “Fundamentals of Corrosion” course in locations around the UK.  Branch activity is very encouraging, the informative and dynamic report from Aberdeen was a highlight!

Our search for a new home for the Institute is ongoing, and we are investigating a potential site as I write this.

The route to Chartered Status is moving along and if anyone would like more details on how to get involved with this, as either a mentor or candidate, please contact David Mobbs.  The new season of the Young Engineers Programme is in full swing, with our great thanks to CB&I in Paddington for offering a venue for this excellent initiative, and also thanks to the sub-committee of George Winning, Trevor Osborne and David Mobbs, for putting in the effort to run this.

In May, the CEOCOR Congress will be coming to the UK, Brian Wyatt is the current President and together with an ICorr committee headed by Steve Barke, have organised what looks to be a fantastic event, and when I last checked looked like we will be soon reaching capacity.  This is an event well worth attending if you are involved in the pipeline protection field.  I will have the pleasure of being there and I hope to see ICorr being strongly represented.

As a final reminder to all, if you would like to progress your professional standing with the Institute, then we would welcome any applications, and if you have any questions on this process please contact the Northampton office.

Sarah Vasey, ICorr President

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ICorr office will be closed from Thursday 22nd December 2022, and will reopen Tuesday 3rd January 2023