This year the annual working day of the Corrosion Engineering Division (CED) will take place during the Electrochem 2019 meeting, being held at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology Innovation Centre in Glasgow, Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th August.  The CED meeting will be held on the 28th August, and it will be integrated with the Corrosion Science Symposium, organised by the Institute’s Corrosion Science Division.

The programme for the CED part of the meeting will include invited lectures on the theme of ‘Industrial Applications of Electrochemical Corrosion Monitoring’, which will be presented during the morning.  Full details of the CED lectures will be published on the conference web site in June 2019, and in the next issue of CM. The lectures will be followed by the presentation of the Paul McIntyre award
to this year’s winner, who will be announced in a few weeks’ time. 

In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to join the CED working group meetings.  The current working groups are:

n Cathodic protection

n Nuclear

n Coatings

n Oil and gas

n Corrosion in Concrete

The Electrochem 2019 annual meeting is organised by the Electrochemistry, and Electroanalytical and Sensors, Interest Groups of the RSC, and the Society of Chemistry and Industry (SCI). The 2019 meeting will be the 25th anniversary of Electrochem and it will include the 60th Corrosion Science Symposium. Details of the meeting and registration are available at

Attendees are welcome to join any of the parallel sessions that will be running during the meeting.