Aberdeen Call for Papers – Technical Session 2022 – 2023

The Institute of Corrosion (ICorr) Aberdeen branch would like to invite you (or your colleague) to give a presentation during our next 2022/2023 Session.

The events normally are held at 6 pm on the last Tuesday of the months from September 2022 till May 2023, excluding December 2022.

Topics on Pressure systems, Pipelines, Renewables and Structural integrity management with regards to the Material selection, Production chemistry, Welding, Corrosion/Microbiological control and monitoring, Inspection techniques and Data analytics are acceptable. Past case studies, project experiences and emerging technologies have proved popular and interesting to members. These are particularly welcome.

Our event attendees (members and non-members) include students, technicians, technologists, engineers, scientists, researchers, managers, company directors and other professionals from the oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing and renewables sectors. Subsequently we would publish a report of technical presentations in our Corrosion Management magazine and also on ICorr our Headquarters and ICorr Aberdeen website pages with your presentation slides and Q&A session write-up. A recording of the event (if conducted online) will be uploaded to our YouTube channel later.

If interested, please supply the following including your proposed speaker’s name, role and company, short biography of the speaker(s) and the proposed presentation title and abstract to the ICorr Aberdeen Branch Chair, Hooman Takhtechian, via htakhtechian@oceaneering.com and please also copy in icorrabz@gmail.com in your submission.

Speaker (s)               ?                                 

Presentation Title (non-commercial): ?

Abstract (400 Words):                  ?

Biography (100 Words):               ?

Qualifications / Experience (50 Words):          ?

All the submitted presentations will be subject to ICorr Aberdeen Committee review and the successful ones will be scheduled into ICorr Aberdeen 2021/2022 Technical Events Programme.

Please note that the deadline of the submission is 30/04/2022.

ICorr Aberdeen committee will approach the successful presenters in May 2022 to work out the event programme and announce it by June 2022. Please be highlighted that early submission of your proposed presentation / abstract is highly preferred and will assist your participation in the programme.

Thank you,
Hooman Takhtechian
Chair – Aberdeen Branch


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