Advanced Robotic Inspections Strengthen Critical Infrastructure Across European Market

Gecko Robotics, a leader in using advanced robotics and enterprise software to help ensure the availability, reliability, and sustainability of critical infrastructure, has announced a three-year collaboration with Siemens Energy’s European Field Service organisation to market and perform advanced ultrasonic robotic inspection services across Europe.

According to the company, these advanced robotic inspections are poised to strengthen critical infrastructure and transform how installed equipment is inspected and maintained. Together, the two companies will develop new technologies and services to better serve customers across several industries, including pulp & paper, power generation (conventional and renewable), and oil & gas. Siemens Energy’s European Field Service organisation and Gecko Robotics have already completed inspections in Europe, in Poland (pulp/paper), Belgium (waste to energy), the Netherlands (food processing), and the UK (power generation). In support of the collaboration, Siemens Energy has established a new Product Competence Centre in the Netherlands, with expansion plans underway.

Gecko Robotics’ robots are remote controlled and equipped with ultrasonic transducers, localisation sensors, lasers, and HD cameras. They climb vertically and horizontally, adhering magnetically to an extensive range of equipment types to scan for changes in thickness, cracks, corrosion, blistering, and other forms of degradation. The robots also include localisation technology to pinpoint exact locations on an asset, allowing for truly accurate inspections that enable inspectors to examine corrosion trends over time, predict when failures will occur, and estimate when repairs will be necessary. Data captured by Gecko’s robots and its software platform can then produce a validated report within 24 hours, allowing inspectors to quickly assess and make informed decisions about ongoing maintenance or repairs. This process and quick turnaround also enable inspectors to reduce asset downtime and lost production while ensuring critical repairs are conducted with high confidence, concluded the company.

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