Alan Denney receiving an Award

A member of the Institute, Alan Denney, has been given an award from the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa, relating to the external corrosion management of the refined products pipeline which goes from the port of Beira in Mozambique to the tank farm at Feruka in Zimbabwe.

The award acknowledges the long-term external corrosion management of the line over many years. Michael Brett and Partners in RSA performed work on the pipeline in the 1980s, and  John Brown E&C Ltd designed and carried out construction management for an extensive rehabilitation of the line in 1990 – 1993. The CP system maintenance and upgrading was continued by Corrolec Corrosion Services in RSA and subsequently by ACEL and Isinyithi Cathodic Protection (Pty) Ltd.  Whilst the work has involved many engineers and specialists throughout approximately 40 years, the cathodic protection work had been conducted to a very significant extent by Neil Webb who worked for these companies. The award was given to acknowledge all the companies involved, and that for John Brown was (unexpectedly) sent to Alan, as the head of the materials, corrosion and welding engineering department in John Brown in London at the time of the pipeline rehabilitation in 1990-1993.

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