4th September North West Branch Meeting

After a couple of years of inactivity it was decided to be more proactive and the first meeting of the new season was held on 4th September at Leigh Rugby Union Club, Leigh, where Chris Atkins, Chairman of the Institute of Corrosion Professional Development and Training Committee, gave an entertaining talk entitled  “Cathodic Protection Training News – ISO 15257”.  Over twenty people attended and despite the chaotic arrangements (the caterer let us down at the last minute and we had to find a replacement and we arrived to find the venue locked) everything went smoothly.  Chris began his talk by explaining why CP certification was necessary, and went on to outline how the training scheme is progressing.  The CP certification means that clients can be sure that people designing testing and installing cathodic protection schemes have the correct paperwork to demonstrate competence in the correct area, not just a generic CP qualification. It also means that those installing CP systems can demonstrate to clients they have the right skills for the job, and justify why they should be included on CP tenders and they have. It also means they have the best chance of not having to repeat work and revisit sites to rectify problems caused by using unskilled, uncertificated people.

ISO 15257 has been published, which means the current BS EN 15257 will become BS EN ISO 15257. This standard extends the reach of the Cathodic Protection (CP) training and certification scheme and incorporates the existing NACE CP scheme. As a result the certification paperwork and training courses need a little tweaking (the ISO has 5 levels and the BS EN currently only has 3). Levels 1 to 3 in the current CP schemes correspond to levels 2 to 4 in the ISO scheme.

North West Branch plans to hold regular meetings throughout the winter, and details will be circulated in due course.

Midland Half Day Event and ICorr AGM

Midland Half Day Event and ICorr AGM

The Branch half-day Event & ICorr AGM will be held on Wednesday 29th November 2017, in the   Chamberlain Room & Main Chamber, Birmingham Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham.

Following food and refreshments from 12:30pm, the meeting will start at 1.00pm with a programme of three presentations given by corrosion specialists from industry and academia, followed by panel discussions.

The day will be rounded off by the ICorr AGM from 16:45 – 18:00pm.

Outside of the Council House the Birmingham German Christmas Market will be taking place and attendees normally enjoy meeting up and having some German food and drink together after the meeting.

Aberdeen Corrosion Awareness Day

Aberdeen Corrosion Awareness Day

The branch closed its very successful 2016/2017 session with its annual Corrosion Awareness Day, which was well attended with 62 registrations supported by 6 excellent speakers providing a very successful, though very intense day, with many areas of corrosion introduced. This event was only made possible by the very generous sponsorship of Sherwin Williams together with all the Aberdeen Branch Sponsors.

Professor Paul Lambert (Mott MacDonald) provided a wonderful and gripping introduction to the day’s proceedings, outlining some key areas in the evolution of materials and corrosion control methods, as a background to other more specialised areas covered by the following speakers. Dr Carol Devine (ICR Integrity) followed with an amazing insight into the world of integrity wrecking bugs and how they can be controlled and detected, with some wonderful imagery that makes highly recommended viewing (https://sites.google.com/site/icorrabz/resource-center). Dr Nigel Owen (Aberdeen Foundries) gave us the view from the ‘Front Line’, as a busy foundry manager dealing with numerous metallurgical related casting issues, supplying the complex needs of the Cathodic Protection Industries, covering both Impressed Current and Sacrificial CP requirements and differing technologies.

After a well-earned break and some delicious catering provided by Palm Court, Sarah Vasey, ICorr President opened the afternoon CAD Session with a talk on the work of the Institute and its organisation.  Malcolm Morris (Sherwin Williams) then gave us the 3 excellent insights into the world of corrosion mitigation by coatings, chemicals and materials selection with a strong practical bias and highlighted many relevant standards, recommended practices and legislation, essential to ensuring successful performance.

All this fitted very nicely into the final two talks by key Corrosion Management (CM) Specialists, Hooman Takhtechian (Oceaneering) who skilfully guided us into the concepts of CM, how it is geared to best utilising available resources, providing effective communications systems and the avoidance of risk to personnel, in often High Pressure / High Temperature  operating environments.  Dr Muhammad Ejaz (Plant Integrity Management) then wrapped up proceedings with a fascinating introduction to the world of Corrosion Modelling, its historical development and how it can be applied successfully today, which was coupled with a supporting presentation on Intrusive Corrosion Monitoring.

All in all, it was a very comprehensive training session of immense benefit that achieved its main objective of providing a most informative event at a very reasonable cost.

The Aberdeen Branch has further strengthened its management committee for 2017/2018 session and welcomes the following new members who will undoubtedly bring a wealth of new experiences and ideas to its work.  Amir Attarchi (Senior Corrosion Engineer) at Oceaneering International, Dr Philip Enegela (Corrosion Engineer) at ATKINS Energy Division, Dr Nigel Owen (Manager) of Aberdeen Foundries Ltd, and Bryn Roberts (Managing Director) at ABR Engineering Consultants Ltd.



CEOCOR 2018 Congress 15th to 18th May 2018, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Stratford on Avon, organised by ICorr/CORREX Ltd.

Sponsors and exhibitors are already booking, and confirmed sponsors include, National Grid (Platinum), Cathodic Protection Co. (Gold), Corrosion Technology Services Europe (Gold), 3c Corrosion Control Company (Gold), MetriCorr (gold), Rustrol Systems (Silver), Automa SRL (Silver), Intertek P & IA (bronze), and Weilekes Elektronik GmbH (Bronze).

Technical committee meetings are open to all, with high level technical papers on pipeline internal and external corrosion and protection. Bookings opened at the end of last month, and the hotel is already taking discounted room bookings (mention CEOCOR).

Book this week in your diary NOW.  Do not miss the best pipeline corrosion conference that will have been held in the UK for decades! Full details can be found at  http://www.ceocor2018.com

Next programme to run in 2018

Following on from the successes of the 2012-13 and 2014-15 young engineers programme, the Institute of Corrosion will be running the next programme in 2018, starting in January.

There will be lectures on the subjects related to Corrosion in Oil and Gas, including, basic corrosion, welding, materials, coatings, painting, fire protection and linings, cathodic protection, chemical treatments, plus presentation skills.

As before, the series of lectures will be followed by case studies, with a presentation to be given at an event around the London area.

We are currently carrying out pre-enrolment for this programme, and are looking for around 20 participants in the early stages of their career in the corrosion industry and who are looking for extra experience to set them up for their future. 

The lectures will be sponsored by BP and held at the CB&I offices in Paddington, London. There is no cost for this course for the delegates, and we would like to thank the sponsor and host for allowing this. 

If you are interested in this event please fill in the application form which can be obtained from, Institute of Corrosion, Barratt House, Kingsthorpe Road, Northampton, NN2 6EZ, or Email:- admin@icorr.org

The applications will be reviewed by the YEP sub-committee, and you will be notified if you are successful.  Deadline for receipt of applications is 30th November 2017.