Cathodic Protection, Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme

Certification Scheme

This International Certification Scheme evaluates the competence levels of cathodic protection personnel in accordance with BS EN ISO 15257:2017.  ICorr offers the following courses to provide the necessary training for the Certification Levels.  The award of Certification is based on both the training and the experience of the candidate. For full details of the scheme, please click on the button below.

On completion of formal courses and the achievement of appropriate experience Candidates for Certification need to apply to the Institute of Corrosion for the Certification. Successfully completing courses and passing examinations is insufficient. Candidates must complete the ICorr Certification Application Forms below and submit them directly to to the Institute of Corrosion.

Recertification of Cathodic Protection Personnel

Certification is an essential part of your career profile and must be kept up to date. In order to ensure your continued competence, your Certification Level needs to be re-assessed at 5 year periods.

Your Cathodic Protection Level 1, 2 or 3 (BS EN15257:2006 Scheme) or CP Level 1 to 5 (BS EN ISO 15257:2017)  Cathodic Protection Certification expires after 5 years and therefore requires to be renewed. If it is not renewed by the expiry date, the Certification becomes invalid and you will no longer be Certified.

Levels 1-3

Recertification shall be every 5 years by completion of the sector specific recertification form.

Every 10 years from initial certification applicants shall successfully complete a sectoral practical examination.  This examination can be arranged via the ICorr approved training partner IMechE Argyll Ruane through the email   Refresher sessions are available upon request.

Level 4

Personnel certified prior to March 2019 are required to complete full recertification and a Professional Review Interview. This is regardless of whether this is a 5 or 10 year recertification. This requirement is being enforced to ensure compliance with the transitionary requirements of the ICorr QPD document and ISO 15257:2017 [i.e. for those transferring from the BS EN 15257:2006 scheme to the ISO 15257:2017 scheme]. 

All BS EN 15257 Recertification Certificates will be upgraded to BS EN ISO 15257 and new levels from January 2019. 

Existing BS EN 15257:2006 New BS EN ISO 15257:2017
None Level 1 Cathodic Protection Data Collector
Level 1 Cathodic Protection Technician Level 2 Cathodic Protection Technician
Level 2 Cathodic Protection Senior Technician Level 3 Cathodic Protection Senior Technician
Level 3 Cathodic Protection Specialist Level 4 Cathodic Protection Specialist
None Level 5 Cathodic Protection Expert

Applicants for re-certification shall

  1. Provide details of their continued and successful work activity
  2. Maintain a continuous, up-to-date and accurate record of their Training activities, either external courses or in-house training
  3. Seek to ensure that their training has benefited the quality of their practice
  4. Seek to ensure that their training has benefited the users of their work (employee, customer, student, etc.)
  5. Undertake to comply with the Code of Ethics for Institute of Corrosion Certification of Inspection and Cathodic Protection Personnel

The forms for Recertification can be downloaded below:

 L1 (ISO L2) recertification form reinforced concrete

L1 (ISO L2) recertification form marine structures

L1 (ISO L2) recertification-form on-land structures

L2 (ISO L3) recertification form on-land structures

L2 (ISO L3) recertification form marine structures

L2 (ISO L3) recertification form reinforced concrete

ISO L4 recertification form All Sectors

ISO L4 Application Guidance Notes 

Please complete the relevant form that applies to your certification and return it to the Institute of Corrosion.

If you have now completed the necessary experience for the next level, then you should consider upgrading and applying for the appropriate course.

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