Corrosion and Protective Coatings Management Course – ICATS/CORREX

This ICATS course is designed for managers, engineers, specifiers, and any persons requiring further industrial painting knowledge for their day-to-day role.
It is a one-day course that can be held remotely or face to face in Northampton or Devon, and contains all the information to give anyone a much better understanding of the protective coatings industry.

For more information, please contact Corrosion House on 01604 438222, or Kevin Harold on

Update seminars
Due to the circumstances of recent years, we have not had a 3-year update seminar. Therefore, we will be putting together a remote seminar for you to work through with updated information in the near future. This will update our clients and trainers in an efficient and less costly way.

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General Enquiries

Institute of Corrosion
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tel: + 44 (0)1604 438222

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