Gritco’s unique testing centre in the Netherlands

As they saying goes, practice is the best teacher. This is especially true when contractors are considering purchasing blasting equipment. However, everyday practice usually shows that too little thought results in blasting solutions not meeting the expectation. To avoid making costly mistakes, you should take a close and thorough look at all the possible blasting solutions (of which there are many) before deciding what method and equipment will really fit your blasting needs. Finally, if possible before you should try before you buy.

That’s why Gritco recently set up a unique, professional Experience Centre where blasting specialists and companies can get advice on the wide range of high quality, innovative blasting equipment, and personally experience the different blasting possibilities, and media, in practice.

There is a choice of, pressure blasting, wet/vapour blasting, soda blasting, fine blasting and vacuum blasting methods, including blasting cabinets, blast pots, vacuum blasting machines, after coolers, dust extractors and personal protection.

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