New Sustaining Member – HCL Clamping Solutions

HCL is a UK based family owned business providing cost effective, non-metallic and innovative solutions for Subsea, Cathodic Protection and Anti-Corrosion industries. HCL is the World Leader in high strength non-metallic polymer banding technologies for the Oil & Gas and associated industries and manufactures the Strongest Polymer Cable Tie in the World. Specialising in the long term, secure clamping of Subsea applications such as Risers, VIV Strakes, Pipeline Piggy Back and Cold Applied Tape Wrap Jacketed Corrosion Protection Systems. Latest additions to the HCL range include the ability to mount Sacrificial Anodes without welding or metal hoop clamps with a range of Smart Bands that facilitate reduced site visits and lowering Diver costs with less time required for fitting. Complemented with HCL’s ability to secure ICCP anodes and reference electrodes HCL can provide the complete package for non-ferrous mounting of corrosion protection of marine assets.

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