UK Standard of Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) fourth edition

For all professional members considering applying for Engineering Council Registration as Chartered engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician (CEng, IEng or EngTech)
the new 4th edition of UK-SPEC has been issued and is now in force from the beginning of 2022

The changes to UK-SPEC aim for greater clarity, making the requirements, i.e. the Standard itself, more obvious, while providing better examples of how applicants might provide evidence of having met the Standard.  The new edition is more informative, particularly with respect to assessment. 

For consistency, a number of terms have been amended: 

  • Applicant – Potential registrants are referred to as “applicant” in place of “candidate” 
  • Recognised Qualifications and Individual Assessment – These terms replace ‘Standard Route’ and ‘Individual Route’. 
  • Licensee – in place of ‘PEI’, ‘Professional Engineering Institution’, ‘licensed PEI’, and ‘Institution’
  • The competences and evidence examples have been revised to clarify the requirements 

ICorr and the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), have now upgraded their procedures and forms to comply with the 4th Edition, and all new applications must now be on the new forms.  The new forms and associated documents can be downloaded

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