Welding & Cutting / Non-Destructive Testing By Alan Denney

The second presentation of The Young Engineers Program (YEP) also at CB&I in London with an excellent presentation on the complexity of Welding & Cutting followed by Non-Destructive Testing. The program continues through the year with 9 modules including a Case Study which the delegates will complete with the help of mentors.

The discussion was all encompassing but dealt with the basics of;

  • The basics
  • The common arc welding processes

o   Manual welding with covered electrodes; SMAW (MMA)

o   Submerged arc welding; SAW

o   Gas shielded welding; GMAW, (MIG / MAG)

o   Flux-cord arc welding; FCAW, SS-FCAW

o   Gas shielded welding with non-consumed electrode; GTAW (TIG)

  • Choice of welding processes
  • Cutting

o   Oxy-fuel cutting

o   Air-arc gouging

The lecture continued Non-destructive testing where the scope was;

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Radiography
  • Manual Ultrasonic Testing
  • It did not cover visual inspection which is the most common inspection method

The group enjoyed a networking session after the meeting at a local Lebanese restaurant courtesy of The Institute of Corrosion.

The next YEP meeting will be Materials and Materials Selection to be presented by Sadegh Parvizi on Wednesday 21st March at CB&I in London.

We are extremely grateful to Alan Denney and Sadegh Parvizi at CB&I and all the other members of ICorr that give up their time freely to assist our Young Engineers with their career development

For copy of the newsletter please click below:

YEP News – FEB17 – Welding and Inspection[6076]

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