On November 8th, Young ICorr hosted a joint young engineering networking event in collaboration with The Welding Institute and the London Materials Society, at the TimberYard in Soho, London. The evening brought together fifty young engineers, professionals and students who are interested in corrosion, materials, metallurgy and welding, and it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded peers from other industries and to allow an opportunity
to network.

The evening’s guest speaker, Dr. Adam Baker, gave a thrilling talk about the materials challenges of rocket engineering and spaceflight. Since studying Materials Science and Metallurgy at The University of Oxford, Dr. Baker has spent his career working in the space industry and currently both teaches part-time at Kingston University and consults widely on space technology. Dr. Baker’s enthusiasm for the UK space industry was palpable as he explained why rockets are needed, the different propulsion technologies and the materials and corrosion engineering challenges associated with the extreme environments they experience.


Sponsorship was kindly provided by the Institute of Corrosion and The Welding Institute. To stay informed about future Young ICorr events please join the LinkedIn group by searching for ‘Young ICorr’ or alternatively email chris.bridge@uk.bp.com