Aberdeen Branch News

Aberdeen Branch News

The branch has always been active in organising technical talks, annual conferences, industrial visits as well as collaborations with other institutes in various subjects that overlap with corrosion management. On the technical aspect, attending the monthly events gives members a chance to gain perspective on how others approach their work and to stay up to date with the current corrosion management tools. Apart from gaining knowledge, it is a perfect setting to get out of the rut of a normal workday and to network with other like-minded people. Also, you never know if you could be sitting next to a prospective employer, or client!

In addition to the technical aspects, the branch also supports, and helps, young engineers progress their careers, in line with ICorr values, and the latest addition to the branch committee, Mei Ling Cheah, is a perfect example of this.

Mei Ling Cheah began her higher education in 2008, at the University of Science, Malaysia gaining a BEng (Hons) in Materials Engineering, followed by Post-Graduate studies at The University of Manchester and the award of Master of Science (MSc) in Corrosion Control Engineering in 2013. She then started work immediately as a graduate Corrosion Engineer at CAN (Offshore) Ltd., Aberdeen, acting as the focal point for all integrity and corrosion matters for Bluewater’s FPSO. She was responsible for the delivery of RBI, pressure system inspection work scopes, fitness for service assessments, and technical reports outlining corrosion related issues, ensuring the constant update of risk-based assessments for all integrity related offshore facilities, and development of shutdown scenarios.

The following 3 year chapter in her life took her to Lloyd’s Register Aberdeen, working as a Corrosion Engineer on asset life extension assessments for SABIC petrochemical plant static equipment and piping, for sites at Teesside (UK), Mount Vernon (USA), Burkville (USA) and Petrokemya North & South (KSA). Other overseas related projects at Lloyd’s included RBI for the S-Chem (Saudi) petrochemical refinery, and a corrosion study for the ZADCO Sulphate Reducing Plant, where the scope of work included static equipment and piping criticality assessment and generating inspection plan for all static equipment, piping and PSV’s. As well as dealing with a number of UK offshore facilities, new experiences of pipeline corrosion management were gained, including cathodic protection reviews and developing corrosion control schemes. Most recently she joined the Aberdeen based IMRANDD Asset Integrity Management Firm, where she provides ongoing engineering support for Chrysaor’s offshore assets – Armada, Lomond and North Everest.

According to Mei Ling, her journey into the field of corrosion started with her fascination on what was known as the greatest technological prediction for half a century, Moore’s Law – cramming more transistors onto integrated circuit boards which lead to the age of computing and personal mobile devices. One of the challenges of keeping up with Moore’s Law was around the limitations with materials science, which decided her to study Materials Engineering at university. It was during this when they had a module on energy storage and battery systems that got her interested in the subject of electrochemistry. The process in a battery and corrosion of steel are chemically similar.

Mei Ling’s CV is typical of new corrosion engineers, in that experienced engineers in the branch are supporting her as she works toward Chartered status. In addition, Mei Ling is assisting Young ICorr nationally under chair, Caroline Allanach.

If you are a newly qualified engineer working the corrosion protection industry, then, just as with Mei Ling, your local branch can support you in your career development. A list of branch contacts can be found on the diary page of this magazine.

As usual, full details of future Aberdeen branch events can be found on the diary page of this magazine and on the ICorr Website, or by contacting, ICorrABZ@gmail.com. Copies of the majority of past branch presentations can be found at, https://www.icorr.org/aberdeen/, and a photo gallery for all Aberdeen events can also be found at, https://sites.google.com/site/icorrabz/event-gallery.

It should be noted that the planned ‘Industrial visit (Oceaneering), an Alternative/Interactive Industrial Event’, will now take place on 15thOctober 2020.

New Sustaining Member – PMAC Group

New Sustaining Member – PMAC Group

PMAC was formed in 2000 offering Flow Assurance services and specialised products to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide, from exploration through to production and transportation of hydrocarbons. Utilising a unique blend of proprietary expertise and an established range of technologies PMAC draws on a combined knowledge of practical experience in chemistry, corrosion, inspection and electronic engineering, to provide clients with a unique design and manufacturing capability, complimented with a range of service capabilities. They offer a complete offshore CP survey and Gamma Flooded Member detection service to ensure the integrity of pipelines and structures. This service is based on proven technology with further developed hardware and software to meet industry and legislative requirements, and uses experienced engineers.

PMAC is a leading provider of a range of underwater inspection services, with many thousands of kms of pipeline, and several hundred structures, inspected using their unique system and offshore engineers, for most offshore operators in over 40 Countries and Territories.

With numerous skill sets under one roof, PMAC can offer multitasking CP & FMD(RPO) engineers and where appropriate 3.4u specialists in CP, helping reduce costs and accommodation requirements. All PMAC personnel are radiation protection officers/supervisors as well as holding minimum CSWIP Cathodic Protection level 2 and often Level 3.
For topsides, PMAC have designed and developed products for monitoring scale and wax in process pipework, and a number of corrosion monitoring systems, including the Industry leading PMAC Dynamic Scale Loop and Micro-PVT.

PMAC Asia Pacific was formed in 2010 as a subsidiary of the UK operations to better provide their clients with cost effective packages through a greater service offering and Multi-Task Engineers. With offices in Aberdeen and Singapore, PMAC can offer worldwide services, and through its subsidiaries, have gained a reputation for delivering cost effective quality services.

Social Media

Social Media – Digital strategy update

How well the Institute is doing in marketing itself digitally to members and non-members alike, can be measured in several ways, including website visits and followers to our different social media platforms.

In terms of website traffic, this has increased by 70% compared to 2019, with more than 9, 000 users over the last 3 months. The rankings of the keywords we use (for search engines) continues to be improved with 11 keywords ranking the top 3, including one relating to ‘inspection courses UK’.

Our social media followers continue to increase over all platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, with the latter up to 2,500 from 1,000. Social media posts have also increased by 22% in July.

However, we should not be complacent, there is still a lot to do, including, continuing social media activity to encourage engagement and increase following, and site optimisation to improve google rankings. We are also improving the site user experience particularly members area access, and refining our goals to track additional traffic conversion, particularly in training course bookings.




‘End Point Assessments’ for the first seven apprentices in our industry were carried out by Kevin Harold, ICorr, and John Moody, BINDT during August. The practical assessments and interviews were documented by David Mobbs, ICorr, to record this major event which would not have been achieved without the tenacity of the Jack Tighe organisation and in particular training manager John Whitaker and Chairman, Martin Hillyard in association with DN Colleges, Scunthorpe. The trail blazing began with senior ICorr members, David Horrocks and John Fletcher, together with Highways England.
The very nervous students all gained ‘distinction’ and are now time-served apprentices.

ABRACO (Brazilian Association of Corrosion)

ABRACO is the equivalent of ICorr in Brazil, and sometime ago discussions began with senior ABRACO members and Lucia Fullalove of ICorr, for them to offer ICATS in Brazil. This included a presentation in Brazil by Lucia about ICorr at an Industrial Coating Seminar (VI SBPA) organised by ABRACO in December last year (see below).

Tabela 4 – Equivalência para Inspeção de Pintura Industrial Equivalência entre Esquemas e Níveis de Certificação.

Table 4

Turn the page a few times and we are now on the verge of supplying ICATS to Brazil via our overseas training provider IMechE, together with a conversion course for ABRACO paint inspectors to ICorr Paint Inspectors. Mechanisms are being put in place even during Covid to bring ICATS to the South American market in the very near future.

Also, the newly published Petrobras Standard, N-2941 dated 07 / 2020: Personal Competence for Inspection Activities, recognises ICorr Coating inspector levels 2 and 3.

The ‘equivalence’ table for Industrial paint inspector showing equivalence among the schemes and certification levels, can be found under Section 6 – Specific Requirements, item 6.4 – Competence Requirements for industrial Paint Inspector personnel, which is reproduced bottom left.
This is a great recognition for ICorr, and it is hoped other ICorr certifications will be added to the list.

Training Courses

ICATS training has started to resume in the UK, with training centres opening their doors once more. The newest of which is IMechE in Sheffield, normally associated with Painting Inspector and NDT courses. IMechE have trained ICATS trainers and will be working with partner Hodge Clemco for the practical aspects.

Training has also resumed for many of our members including new trainers from Taziker Industrial, Bolton, NWL Group, Merseyside and Galco Steel Ltd, Ireland.

Letter to the Editor


Very interesting item about the restoration of SV Peking in the July/August issue of Corrosion Management. I think UK readers would be most interested in her history as Arethusa II, a Shaftesbury Homes training vessel at Greenhithe on Thames and then Upnor on the Medway, 1932-75 (www.childrenshomes.org.uk/STArethusa) with a 5 year Second World war gap as HMS Pekin in Royal Navy service as a floating barracks.

For information, her sister ship Passat when owned by the Erikson Line of Marieham, Finland participated in the last Great Grain Race of 1949 from Port Victoria (South Australia) to Penarth, Wales, and is now a hostel/venue and museum ship moored on the Baltic coast at Travemünde, Germany.

George W M Hobbs FICorr
Vice President of National Trust of South Australia