Developments in Remote Magnetic Monitoring of Stress in Ferromagnetic Pipelines

By:Hamed Habibi – Speir Hunter Limited


This presentation introduced and explain the benefits of Stress Monitoring in Pipeline Integrity Management. The technique is the only inspection technique that can simultaneously map the lateral position and depth of cover of the pipeline whilst also providing comprehensive defect detection. Moreover, it provides additional deliverables that anticipate the increasing demand of pipeline regulatory authorities such as the location of casings and wrinkle bends.

Hamed talked the audience through the benefits of using this method which is developing to be known as silver bullet of pipeline integrity as it is the only method of measuring stress in pipeline wall. He explained the physical principles of the method that is also capable of measuring the depth of cover, lateral position and detecting welded joints. Specifications of this innovative method was detailed in terms of achieved performance in field trials which took loads of interests among audience. Loads of case studies were explained by the speaker to display the advantages of this the technique over traditional inspection methods in special cases. The technique which also is named Stress Concentration Tomography is able to assess condition of buried pipelines remotely without any dependency to a specific type of defect, manufacturing size, construction configuration or operating condition that will save a considerable amount of time, effort and budget while it will also provide an accurate 3-dimensional mapping of pipe and surrounding objects.”

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